Mionica, 30 January 2020

Vocational Trainings for Easier Employment in Mionica with Support from the Kingdom of Norway

Certificates of completion of the vocational training in the hotel industry, organized with the support of the Kingdom of Norway through the project "Norway for You - Serbia", today received 24 participants in Mionica. The Municipality of Mionica has implemented the project “Change of Perspective”, which empowers unemployed members of marginalized groups through vocational training and personal development training to find work.

The three-month vocational training was attended by 24 unemployed (18 women and six men), which included courses for waiters, cooks and hotel maintenance work. In addition, the students were learning English language and IT skills to make their labor market more competitive. After the training, a meeting with representatives of the business sector and potential employers is foreseen.          

"Mionica is increasingly represented in projects funded by foreign donors, and we are grateful to the Kingdom of Norway for supporting the project, which has helped unemployed people from vulnerable groups gain the necessary knowledge to help them improve their lives and ensure their livelihood," said Mayor of Mionica Mayor Boban Janković.

The Change of Perspective project is funded by the Kingdom of Norway with 9,400 Euros, while the Municipality of Mionica contributed with 1,100 Euros.

"Thanks to the support of the Kingdom of Norway, through the project" Norway for You - Serbia", as well as the Municipality of Mionica, today 24 unemployed people get a chance to find a job in the hospitality and hotel industry. I believe that with new knowledge and skills, you will be a great candidates for the job, and that through hard work you will be able to build your economic stability and improve the tourism offer of Mionica," UNOPS Programme Manager Bojan Kovačević said.

The Kingdom of Norway supports six projects to increase employability through the “Norway for You – Serbia“ project. The municipalities of Aleksinac, Babušnica, Bela Palanka, Mionica, Sjenica and Trgovište received grants to conduct various types of training in the public and private sectors for 102 people, after which 50 of them will get jobs. The support is aimed at the hard-to-employ population groups - young people under 30, people with lower levels of education, Roma, over 50 and long-term unemployed.

These activities are funded by the Kingdom of Norway with 60,000 Euros, while municipalities allocated 16,500 Euros in total.