Bela Crkva, 6 November 2018

Million Euros from Norway for Local Infrastructure and Employment in Serbia

Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government Branko Ružić and the Ambassador of Norway Arne Sannes Bjørnstad marked today the launch of the public calls for projects in the areas of local infrastructire and vocational training. Kingdom of Norway has given a million Euros to fund these projects throught the “Norway for You“ programme.

Local self-governments will be able to receive Norwegian support for at least eight projects aiming to improve living conditions and quality of local infrastructure and also to provide trainings to at least 250 persons, resulting with employment of at least 100 beneficiaries.

“Serbia is developing quickly, but some are left behind,“ the Ambassador of Norway to Serbia Arne Sannes Bjørnstad said. “Through this project, we will support people to get jobs and local self-government to improve services.”

Public calls are advertised on the website, so the local self-governments can get informed about all the details and apply for the grants.

“We are grateful to the Kingdom of Norway for putting in focus support to the local self-governments from the third and fourth category of development in Serbia and paying attention to their needs,“ minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government Branko Ružić said. “I invite local self-governments to participate in these calls and to submit their priority projects.”

Minister Ružić and the Ambassador Bjørnstad also discussed today the development priorities with the Mayor of Bela Crkva Darko Bogosavljević, as Bela Crkva is one of 91 local self-governments covered by “Norway for You”.

“Bela Crkva will be a constructive partner in this project, as it can bring benefits both to the citizens and the local self-government,” the Mayor of Bela Crkva Darko Bogosavljević said.

Later this month, another call supporting creation of new businesses and support to improving productivity of the existing businesses and creation of new jobs will be announced. One of the Project priorities is also assessment of the organisational and functional offset of the Social Work Centres and professional competencies of their employees in five pilot local self-governments encompassed by the Project. This will result with recommendations for service re-organisation and thus contribute to the Government’s reform of the social protection system in Serbia.