Knjaževac, 4 September 2019

Knjaževac Gets Its Stadium Reconstructed

The reconstruction of the City Stadium complex in the Municipality of Knjaževac, funded by the Kingdom of Norway through the “Norway for You – Serbia“ project, will last until October 2019, resulting in improvment of conditions for recreation and sports for nearly 15,000 children, young people and athletes using the complex, built in the 1970s.

The renovation of the stadium includes the installation of irrigation systems, paving of the athletics tracks, renoval of the grass plantation of both ancillary football courts, construction of the metal fence around the stadium and the ancillary football fields, reconstruction of the east and west brick stadium fence.

This project will improve conditions for some 9,400 children and youth in Knjaževac, 2,200 members of local sports clubs, about 3,000 residents of the recreational sports community and around 300 sportsmen and sportswomen who prepare for competitions every year.

Besides infrastructure works, the Rulebook on the Use and Management of the Sports Complex and the Sports Development Plan focusing on vulnerable groups will be produced in cooperation with the Swiss PRO Programme.

The total value of the works is around 220,000 Euros, of which the Kingdom of Norway is funding 100,000, while the Municipality of Knjaževac is contributing with 120,000 Euros.