Preševo, 3 December 2019

Better Water Supply in Preševo with Norwegian Support

The reconstruction of the water pumping station “Žujince” in Preševo, funded by the Kingdom of Norway with 167,000 Euros through the “Norway for You – Serbia” project, will provide the stable water supply for 13,000 beneficiaries in this municipality in South Serbia.

From five active water wells in the source “Žujince”, the water is pumped and stored in the collection tank where it is chlorinated for disinfection purposes and then distributed by the pumping station into the town pipeline. Current pumping station is old and dysfunctional, and two existing pumps have low capacities and no automatic regulation. The works conducted through “Norway for You – Serbia” project include removal of old pumps, procurement and installation of three single-stage centrifugal pumps, dismounting of old existing distribution cabinets and installation of new ones with needed equipment.

“This project is very important to the Preševo municipality, as it will lead to the stable water supply of its citizens, but also to the centre for migrants”, “Norway for You – Serbia” Project Manager Radule Ristović said. “The value of the construction works is some 160,000 Euros, with the technical supervision amounting at 7,000 Euros. This intervention should be completed by beginning of March 2020.”

The reconstruction of the pumping station provides technical preconditions for the second phase of this project, which envisages the construction of a booster pipeline from pumping station “Žujince” to the Reservoir “Loši Izvori”.