Belgrade, 27 June 2019

Better Functioning of the Centers for Social Work with the Support of the Kingdom of Norway

Through the “Norway for you – Serbia” project, the Kingdom of Norway provided support to the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy in developing the Assessment of Organizational and Functional Offset of the Centres for Social Work and Professional Competencies of Employees in Centres for Social Work in the five elected local self-governments. With this analysis, the third phase of the broader projects "Empowering centres for social work in the territory of the Republic of Serbia" implemented by the Ministry in order to improve the social protection system throughout the country, was successfully completed.

Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Zoran Đorđević said that one of the priorities is strengthening the centres for social work, as well as improving the quality of work of the employees and providing services to the beneficiaries.

"All our activities are aimed at achieving the conditions necessary for normal life of all citizens of Serbia, which also includes assistance to employees in centres for social work and users of its services. Through this assessment, we received a number of recommendations related to the reorganization of work in the centres for social work and professional competencies of the employees, which laid the foundations for the reorganization of work in all centres for social work in the entire system of social protection," Minister Đorđević said.

In addition to the improvements directly related to the employees in the centres for social work, this analysis also proposed the establishment of specialized regional centres, as well as the establishment of a central human resources service. The fourth phase of the project implemented by the Ministry will include the implementation of proposals for measures to improve social protection, as well as infrastructure work in centres for social work that will improve their functioning.

"Through the social protection system, help is given to the people who are the most vulnerable. But the essence of this analysis is to help employees in the social care system who provide help to ones in need. In Norway, we have been working for years in improving social care and we are still learning, because there are always aspects that can be better, "said the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway Arne Sanes Bjørnstad.

The assessment worth 96,000 Euros was carried out in five centres for social work - Kučevo, Kovin, Leskovac, Mali Zvornik and Trstenik - and included an analysis of the organizational and functional structure, the work load and professional competencies of employees, and made recommendations for improvement.

"I am pleased that the assessment shows that Serbia has a well-organized social protection system, with highly motivated and quality professional personnel. I believe that the recommendations for improving the system in the future will contribute to even better services for citizens," UNOPS Serbia Head of Programme Marko Vujačić said.