Enhanced Social Inclusion

Support to the Local Government Institutions, Civil Society Organisations and Business Support Entities - Through a Call for Proposals, the Project will provide grants to local self-governments and business support entities to implement projects with the objective to contribute to the improved business environment by making local businesses more sustainable and competitive and employ more youth. Through the Public Call conducted from 20 January until 13 March 2020, the funding of USD 603,312 was approved for eight projects to be implemented in over 50 municipalities.

Assessment on Innovative Solutions in the Human Resources Management in the Centres for Social Work – The Project will develop an assessment of professional skills and training needs for centres for social welfare employees, as a part of the larger Government of Serbia’s Programme “Empowering Centres for Social Work on the Territory of the Republic of Serbia’’. The aforementioned assessment will result in findings and recommendations for innovative solutions in human resources management of the CSWs in five pilot municipalities/cities aiming to contribute to the improvement of social services already identified in relevant national policies and their implementation and practices at local level.